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spice racks spice jars hdc51689 64 1000Spices

Date: March 30, 2020 | Time: 1:53pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

The Journal of Medicinal Foods published a top-ten list of herbs and spices that decrease aging. Mostly due to their antioxidant values, this list included spices such as: cloves, cinnamon, allspice, apple spice, pumpkin spice, Italian spice, oregano, marjoram, sage, and thyme. As a general rule, all herbs and spices are health-promoting largely due to their inherent minerals and vitamins. With this in mind, I uncovered some specific cooking spices that have been well recognized in boosting.... <view entire article>

Boat sinking 008Remaining Afloat..

Date: March 23, 2020 | Time: 8:31am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

I want to put a name to a concept that I've reported on multiple times in the past. In 1993 a term was coined to explain the wear and tear on the body and what happens when our levels of physical, chemical, and emotional stress become greater than our ability to adapt. The term is allostatic load and it explains the physiological consequences to the nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system as they become compromised as a.... <view entire article>

prescription drugs great oaks recoveryRemember When?..

Date: March 9, 2020 | Time: 9:31am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

Most of us 30 years of age and older may recall the tradition that when you were found to have an ailment or early sign of disease you were told to change your diet, exercise, or reduce stress and then prescribed a medication for a short period of time until you could be re-evaluated to see if you'd made the appropriate changes. Do you wonder what happened to those times? Not long ago, I saw a presentation by.... <view entire article>

CaptureThink Posture is Insignificant?..

Date: February 24, 2020 | Time: 12:27pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

As a professional who looks at the spine, I believe we're at an all-time low in postural awareness. In my experience, you will find less than 10% of the general population who displays the ideal anatomical posture. Why is this? Most likely there are a multitude of reasons from too much time sitting in desks, in cars, on the couch or in front of the computer, to a general lack of exercise, to the stress of heavy.... <view entire article>

1140 inflammation black bg imgcache revfc93cdcdd0a93ce938f6b34c2a072891Inflammatory Insights..

Date: February 11, 2020 | Time: 1:51pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

In the past I've vilified inflammation and pointed out that inflammation is at the root of every disease. However, I've also been known to point out that the body is always smart and most everything that occurs inside the body is actually a perfect response to a stimulus or stressor from our environment. Thus, if the latter is true, there must be a reason for the redness, swelling, and pain associated with inflammation. In this article I'd.... <view entire article>

Your Guide to Vitamin C 722x406Why Vitamin C..

Date: January 28, 2020 | Time: 12:20pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

Colds, flu's, bronchitis, and allergies seem to be at an all-time high this winter and many people are looking for relief. As for myself, I've always had luck taking doses of Vitamin C and a product made from coconut called Lauricidin. But does Vitamin C really work, and if so, why does it work?Vitamin C is well documented to repair collagen - in fact, it's necessary. Collagen is fibrous connective tissue that lines the surfaces of the.... <view entire article>

img 6961Maintaining Balance..

Date: January 20, 2020 | Time: 12:28pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

Since chiropractic is about restoring proper alignment and motion to the spine to remove pressure and tension off the nervous system, once you're aligned or adjusted, why do you go back out of alignment? This is one of the best questions I'm frequently asked and the answer is not only the key to success with your chiropractic care, but success with health in general. Just like everything else in the body, the spine and nervous system are dynamic.... <view entire article>

2469fc8fc41fd15e925f8fae9cd0e935Workout Wisdom..

Date: January 13, 2020 | Time: 1:57pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

Last week I shared some tips from the world-class performance coach, Jeff Spencer. He advised that whether you were a beginner or a top athlete, you absolutely need to plan rest/recovery time in between hard workouts. This week, I'd like to share some of the other advice Dr. Spencer provided regarding proper training.First or all, you need to remember that regardless of age or fitness, your body will always adapt and it will become more efficient with repetition..... <view entire article>

CaptureThe Right Workout..

Date: January 7, 2020 | Time: 1:59pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

I wanted to share a great article I found by Dr. Jeff Spencer. Dr. Spencer was an Olympic cyclist who came to even greater fame as Lance Armstrong's coach and chiropractor and now trains many world-class athletes. In this article, Spencer addresses the question, "How much exercise is too much." Obviously, this is only relevant to those who are exercising regularly. But whether you're a beginner or a peak athlete this advice is critical.Dr. Spencer points.... <view entire article>

5560170492 0114fd3db9 bIt Just Takes 25c..

Date: December 30, 2019 | Time: 10:40am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

Several years ago a study from the University of Colorado proved that as little as 10 mm of pressure on a nerve root coming out of the spine would cause at least a 50% reduction of the electrical impulse traveling down that nerve from the spinal cord. 10 mm of pressure is equivalent to the weight of a quarter and this pressure could come from sources including simple misalignment of the individual vertebrae, bulging of the disc, swelling of.... <view entire article>

960x0Resolutions Pt. 2..

Date: December 26, 2019 | Time: 1:38pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

New Year's resolutions are upon us! Last week I shared the reason most resolutions fail is that our resolutions are focused on changing habits or behaviors. To get lasting change we need to change the belief structure behind these behaviors. Keep the focus on 'why' you want to change and learn how will your life be better by this change? If your resolution for 2010 is related to health, remember that it is easier to add.... <view entire article>

iStock 466820740Resolutions

Date: December 16, 2019 | Time: 2:28pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

I'd like to share my thoughts about beliefs, behaviors, and resolutions. The New Year is rapidly approaching and with it brings a time for resolutions. A resolution by definition is an attempt to change your behavior. In the next few weeks, millions of Americans will join a gym, start an exercise or post-holiday starvation plan, or maybe try to stop smoking. While all of these are excellent plans, why do most of these resolutions fail and.... <view entire article>

imgNot the Same..

Date: December 9, 2019 | Time: 12:29pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

I found an article by Dr. Mark Hyman that I thought should be shared. Dr. Hyman is a New York Times bestselling author and a doctor of functional medicine addressing the root causes of chronic illness. The title of his article caught my eye as it was Five Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You. While that's certainly an attention-grabber, I was particularly interested because I spent some time with a sales rep. from one of.... <view entire article>

GRT still life drinking water glass 1296x728 header 1296x728Would You Wash Your Car in It?..

Date: December 3, 2019 | Time: 12:59pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

I had a request to revisit the drinking water controversy. While I've covered this material, I decided to oblige this request at this time because I always find more people dehydrated in the winter than even in the dead of summer. The reason for this is that heat kicks in our thirst mechanism from the brain and gives us the urge to hydrate. As a result, people need to make a conscious effort to drink water in.... <view entire article>

offset simone golob pv0217 pulse 03 1487267482Seasonal Solutions..

Date: November 18, 2019 | Time: 2:02pm | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

With the colder, wet weather, I've been seeing more people with flare-ups of chronic problems and complaints of various aches and pains. While, I suppose on one hand this is good for business, on the other hand, there are some simple solutions to deal with these aggravations that we all should consider as the seasons change.In following this blog, you should already know that it's been proven that low pressure fronts in the weather do indeed increase the inflammation.... <view entire article>

5cd3859f2400005500a98fb0No-Fat Fantasy..

Date: November 11, 2019 | Time: 11:53am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

Do you remember the no-fat hot dogs and no-fat cheese that was so popular in the late 80's and 90's? Whatever happened to that stuff? Have you wondered why so many people went on low-fat diets for nearly a decade and cholesterol levels continued to rise and heart disease is at an all-time high despite more prescriptions? A report from the British Medical Journal may shed some light on this phenomenon and give valuable insight to some.... <view entire article>

920x920My Flu Strategy..

Date: October 28, 2019 | Time: 7:58am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

I'm running this article again because, like last year, several people have asked me if I've gotten my flu shot this year. I confess that I've never opted for the flu shot in the past and I'll admit that I don't plan on getting one because of fear. I'm afraid of many of the chemicals that are included with the shot to attenuate the virus - these are preservatives that keep it alive and maintain its shelf life..... <view entire article>

person brain illustration shutterstock 032541603 1068x601DNA & Positive Thinking..

Date: October 21, 2019 | Time: 9:38am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

For those of you who are regular followers of this article, I hope that you've grasped the concept that health exists on a continuum and that everything you do; everything you eat, drink, or breath are all either moving you toward health and away from dis-ease or moving you toward dis-ease and away from health. I found an outstanding article that suggests that one of the biggest factors on this continuum is our own thoughts. The article identified several.... <view entire article>

vaginal ph balanceThe Importance of pH..

Date: October 14, 2019 | Time: 8:01am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

In his Textbook of Medical Physiology, Arthur Guyton, M.D. states that when the body is alkaline it converts free radicals to harmless water and oxygen, which maintain energy and vitality. This means that the body will always work best when it maintains an alkaline or basic environment rather than an acidic one. In fact, I've read some authors who state that disease cannot exist or even manifest in an alkaline environment. Either way, understanding pH and how.... <view entire article>

imagesSkin & Diet..

Date: October 7, 2019 | Time: 7:51am | Posted By: Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness

I read an article about healthy skin and diet. This article stressed how an unhealthy diet can be the primary contributor to acne. It turns out acne affects one in five adult Americans and is a problem to 85% or all Americans at some point in their lives. While poor skin isn't necessarily a life-threatening condition, I do want you to understand that it is a sign or symptom that your system is not as healthy as.... <view entire article>

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